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The Downtown Hammond area offers a variety of shopping:


It’s Just Serendipity & El Taco Real Restaurant
5630 Hohman Avenue
Phone: 219.932.NEAT (6328) (IJS)
Fax: 219.932.6195 (IJS)
Phone: 219.512.4298 (Cell)
Web: www.itsjustserendipity.com

Prickly Pear Furnishings, Inc.
5131 Hohman Avenue
Hammond, IN 46320
Phone: 219.314.5399
Web: www.pricklypearfurnishings.com

The Junk Fairy
5213 Hohman Avenue
Downtown Hammond, Indiana
Phone: 708.272.2011
Web: www.thejunkfairy.net

The Attic Resale Shoppe
411 Conkey Street, Hammond, IN
Phone: 708.417.4283
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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